Wall Signs IP65 / Wall Installation

Wall Signs IP65 / Wall Installation

Perfect for both shop and facade !

High quality LED signage that helps your store create clear branding.

Unlike traditional illuminated signs, our wall hung letters use high quality ABS plastic housing and LED lighting to achieve consistent and stable quality. Like our other Harfmix products, wall hung letters are available in many different sizes and there is no production time as they are standardized letters.

Also for outdoor installation

Wall-hung Harfmix letters can be mounted on the exterior.

IP65 waterproofing and letters with drainage holes to direct condensation, as well as IP67 transducers are included. This means you can mount it on your facade without having to worry about weather and wind.

At Borgs Fiskehandel, a 500 mm Ø circle is mounted with 200 mm letters and black foil attached to create a super effect with light shining through the fish.

Modern LED technology combines very high light output with extremely low power consumption of up to 1 W per letter. This makes it possible to illuminate letters 24 hours a day, for example at exhibitions.

Harfmix illuminated letters are available in a total of 7 sizes: 75, 100, 125, 125, 150, 175, 200 and 500 mm. The magnetic base is the same size in all sizes, so it is possible to combine several sizes. We have the standard heights in stock: 75, 150 and 200 mm. Other sizes can be delivered with a longer delivery time.

Harfmix letters glow with such high intensity that they can be seen even in brightly lit shops and shop windows. The light can be dimmed via the built-in electronic dimmer.

Molded plastic ensures a high surface quality and uniformity for repeated orders. Other colors and wording can be created by attaching foil to the front of the letter.

Harfmix light letters are of very high quality and ensure a very long lifespan of at least 50,000 hours, which corresponds to more than 5 years of continuous operation!

With Letterfmix, you have the entire Scandinavian alphabet to choose from when you need to put together your brilliant messages.

Plus numbers 0-9 and many special characters. Contact your retailer for more information.

Unique Features

IP65 waterproof outdoor design

Special holes prevent insects from entering

Unique LED system ensures even illumination

Strong quality polycarbonate diffusion system

Incredibly easy installation

For outdoor installation we recommend installing spacers that prevent water from settling into the wall. The spacers also enhance the 3D effect of the letters. The screws on the back are designed so that the letters can be easily mounted perfectly flat.

When the letters are “sewn together” on the inside of the wall, a 12V converter is connected. Note that the power supply to the inverter must be done by a qualified electrician.