P3 Free Standing Letter

P3 Free Standing Letter

This series is our new product, and like our other products, also unique in the world. It consist of P3 letter displays, you can upload videos and audio suit for the scene style by a mobile app. Like our magnetic signs, you don’t need any tools to complete the assembly. It usually applies to spacious event, like exhibition entrance, wedding ceremony and airport etc. It integrates audio, video and lights to achieve a mind blowing signage.

Available Sizes

Magnetic Connection

All Direction Trolley

Free Standing

The total height is 680mm, very easy to move around and group together. The products usually serve as freestanding, equipped with trolleys. Like our magnetic signs, at the ends of each base equipped with intensified magnets, which makes the installation quite easy and convenient.

P3 Letter Display

We use magnet system, wireless signal system, high efficiency conducting system to our P3 letter displays. It’s new and unique in the market. It integrates audio, video and lights to achieve a mind blowing signage.

Main Features

All Direction Trolley System

Magnetic connection, easy installation design.

Complete items for choice, random combination. DC24V

Input DC24V, no concerns on safety.


This is a series of products of considerateness, applies to many occasions, and with built-in audio and video system controlled by wireless signals. Like our other magnetic signs, come with easy installation design, you don’t need any tools to complete the assembly.


At each ends of the bases, installed with 6pcs intensified magnets. The bases will attract each other and connect together automatically when place them against eachother. This kind design makes your installation and disassembly extremely efficient.
Push the letter displays against each other, the displays will connect automatically.



This is a real application example on the 10 years anniversary ceremony of SSIA in Shenzhen in 2020. In big events for example new product release, you can use our letter displays at these occasions. The press will make your events more influential. You can also use our letter displays on forums and conferences, with vivid videos and music, the events will become special.

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