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As a leading company in the field of outdoor advertising, we are a team that aims to offer innovative and impressive solutions. We offer a wide range of products such as 3D LED letter boxes, hanging LED signs, programmable LED signs and magnetic LED letters throughout Turkey.
By combining our expertise in the design, production and distribution stages, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with eye-catching and quality outdoor advertising products.


To increase the visibility of brands and maximize their impact by providing creative, impressive and quality outdoor advertising solutions to support our customers in growing their businesses.


As a leading brand in the outdoor advertising industry, to help brands tell their stories in the most effective way and to become a globally recognized name by constantly offering innovative products and designs.


Experience and Quality 94%
Innovation and the Future 86%
Sustainability 89%
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are short and clear answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Mounting method is affected by design and layout. There are different options such as wall mounted, hanging, floor standing.
Generally, LED lights are long-lasting, lasting tens of thousands of hours. However, lifespan may vary based on design, use and quality.
Installation time varies with project size and complexity. Simple signs may take a few days, larger projects may take more time.
Thanks to LED technology, a wide range of colors can be presented. Single color, multicolor and color changing options are possible.