Double Sider Shop Led Screen

Double Sider Shop Led Screen

This product is made by P2.45 HQ and HB display. It’s with IP65 outdoor design, and like our other products, original and unique in the market too. It’s really a mind-blowing eye catcher should you got one for your shop.

Double Sided Screen

For example, when a watch store installs a double-sided LED sign display, shoppers can watch the ad from both sides simultaneously.

Group Control System

You can control a group of the displays by your PC. Imagine thousands of KFC stores changed their advertisement on the display overnight…


Horizontal Installation

This product consisted of 2 pieces of P2.45 displays, the video will play on a double face mode so shoppers can enjoy from both side of the street. Each display is protected by poly carbon covers.

Suspension Installation

Horizontal And Suspension Installation

Maximum white balance brightness > 5000cd/m²

Edgeless, full screen display

IP65 outdoor design

Double curved face design


Usually, the traditional shops only have front sign boards, so they have no good way to attract shoppers from both side of the street away from their shops, especially when they only have a blister sign board. If they use our double-sided storefront signboard display, it will attract shoppers half kilometers away, and make the shop become a star in the street.

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