DC12V3A Power Supply for Harfmix LED Signage

Magnetic Led Signage

DC12V3A Power Supply for Harfmix LED Signage

Harfmix has developed a series of led alphabetic letters from A-Z both capital and lowercase, numeric 0-9, a bunch of symbols like “@”, “#”, “&” etc., and all of them are LED illuminated from within. Above all, you can freely match any letter, number or symbol to make you own DIY led signage. Magnetic led letter sign is one of Harfmix business. Now Harfmix offer 2 size for commercial application. You can alter Height 75mm or 100mm as your led letter signs .The connector is common for the 2 size and you need alter it at the first when you buy. The adapter is common item,too. You can match it easily. With Harfmix led letter signs, speak out your aspirations.

Feature of Products

Perfect LED Signs
Harfmix led letter sign used unique ABS shell and LED PCB that is same shape as letters, shadowless with perfect illumination . The LED letter signs are UV-resistance, illumination is 30000 LUX ,CCT is 6500K. Harfmix refuse use battery, with its special connector to link the power and light your led letter signs in your store,shop,supermarket,etc.
Led Alphabet Letters Light
Harfmix develops led alphabetic letters from A-Z,number 0-9,and some symbols like “#”, “&” etc. You can freely match any led alphabet letter, number or symbol to make you own DIY LED signage. With the touch-control connctor, you can adjust the brightness.The DIY Led letter can be used as company logo,commercial slogan,express love,etc.
Magnetic LED Signs
Harfmix redefines your LED letter signage,the easy to play magnetic illuminated sign letters.The magnetic base allows an easy, intuitive and extremely flexible installation,they are connected to each other, without limit, for mounting on a flat surface (counter, table, display, etc) The bases are always the same width, and letters of all sizes can be combined.


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