Power Supply for Harfmix LED House Numbers

House Number–Wall Installation

Power Supply for Harfmix LED House Numbers

Harfmix is manufactured for wall installation in loose letters. The light house number is one of those products. The fixation is done by the back, with screws.The Led house numbers are supplied with connecting cable, to any 12VDC source. Light house number is one of choice of Harfmix. There is three color for your adjustable,2500K,4000K,6500K. You also can adjust the brightness of light house numbers. Even though in a bad weather, you can see clearly the number in the dark and find your house.

Feature of Products

Easy to Install
Harfmix develops led house number 0-9,You can freely match any number to make you own customized LED House Number. And it is easy to install. You just red the installation step, and then easy to make it,save your much time,more convenient.
Adjustable Brightness and Color
Harfmix Led house numbers use connector (need to buy at the first time) as power supply. It can connect 4pcs light house numbers at a time. You can adjust the brightness and color by pressing the connector button. Different color will fit the bad weather environment.
Perfect Waterproof House Number
Harfmix led house numbers use unique ABS shell and LED PCB that is same shape as numbers, shadowless with perfect illumination and extraordinarily brightly in the darkness. The led house numbers are UV-resistance, waterproof IP65 .


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